I discovered journalism after joining the editorial committee of an on-campus magazine my freshman year of undergrad. Immediately I became obsessed with the way you can share important stories, start conversations, give others a voice and constantly learn.

Since then, I’ve written for Cosmopolitan, Little Village magazine, Northwestern’s Medill Reports, Midwest Living magazine, state travel guides, Iowa State’s College of Human Sciences, an abundance of journalism classes and the same student-run publication that helped me find my passion for journalism my freshman year.

My end goal is to be an editor or copy editor for a magazine within the niche of lifestyle, travel, music, culture or gender (we’re open to pretty much anything here!). To further prepare for my career in the industry, I recently completed my master’s in journalism in 2021 at Northwestern University.

Professional stuff aside: I’m a Taurus, viola player, coffee lover and avid podcast listener (all-time favorites include Dissect and Cold). My favorite meal is Brussels sprouts and fries. In my free time I indulge in British reality TV and daydream about becoming a mom aka adopting a cat. Feel free to send me a nice message with book recs and/or freelance opportunities.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and visit my portfolio!


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